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Live from The Building Champions Experience – Day 2 – Part I

It is day two of The Building Champions Experience and we spent the morning discussing Life Planning! Our attendees are scattered around the peaceful Sunriver property – some sitting along the river, others cozying up next to the fireplaces in their rooms – all working to create or revise a plan for their lives.


Daniel Harkavy started off the morning session discussing the importance of self-leadership before team leadership:

— Decisions impact relationships.

— All that we think about impacts every aspect of who we are because our thinking connects to our beliefs.

— Feelings impact our emotions – How I feel internally impacts how I feel to you.

— The people who are truly accomplishing great things are the people who wake up every day trying to figure out how to make their boss look better.

— The wisest people understand the brevity of life.

— People don’t leave companies, they leave leaders.


Coach Dan Foster spoke next on the consequences of drifting in life:

— Confusion – You start to lose perspective when you don’t have a destination in life (marriage, health, finances).

— Expense – You find yourself wasting valuable resources.

— Lost Opportunity – When we don’t have the destination, it is hard to differentiate between opportunities and distractions.

— Pain – We bring pain on ourselves because we fail to plan.

— Regrets – You get one shot on this earth. We don’t want to end our life with “if only…”


He explained how important plans are to keep yourself focused on your goals and vision for yourself. Dan defined the meaning of a Life Plan:

— It describes how you want to be remembered.

— It articulates your personal priorities.

— It provides the specific actions necessary to reach your vision.

— It is a living document.


Our attendees have taken a code of silence for the next few hours while they dive deep and reflect upon the current reality of their lives and measure it against the life they want. We are excited to see the positive outcomes that intentional reflection and strategy will produce in the lives of each of our attendees. Today is an exciting day!

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