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Live from The Building Champions Experience – Day 2 – Part II

The afternoon of The Building Champions Experience was spent exploring the Central Oregon outdoors! Our attendees had the option to float and paddle-board on the water, participate in golf or lawn games, or hike to a nearby waterfall.

After a full day of emotional, mental, and physical energy spent, we held a panel discussion on the topics of health, parenting, and marriage. Coaches Daniel Harkavy, Tim Enochs, Dick Savidge, and Kristen Gielow shared their tips on how to best care for three of the main accounts in their lives:



  • If you are going to continue with an addiction, then educate yourself on what the future will look like for you. Sometimes we need that wake-up to disrupt what it is that we are doing.
  • Taking care of your body doesn’t ensure that you won’t have health problems. The goal is to add value all the way through life.
  • Shake up your workouts and find things you enjoy.



  • Don’t focus on the behavior, always focus on the vision, the reason that causes the behavior.
  • Your kids are not your report card.
  • If we are intentional in how we parent, we can stack the odds in our favor.
  • When you devote time to your children, doing what they love, they will flourish.



  • The goal and objective of marriage is oneness.
  • The concept of being one is knowing your spouse.
  • Work hard to understand. Care and concern are communicated by how we understand.

Tomorrow we will discuss the importance of setting vision for your business. Stay tuned!


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