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Live from The Building Champions Experience – Day 3 – Part II

Throughout the afternoon of day three of The Building Champions Experience, our attendees continued to work towards creating their Business Vision. The rhythm of the day moved forward with sessions led by coaches who broke down each component necessary for a completed vision. Quiet time along with coach-led small group time followed, allowing our attendees to focus on each step and gain feedback from others.


Coach Jonathan Rogers delved into the need for compelling ambitions in every Business Vision. He shared a video clip of John F. Kennedy’s speech announcing his commitment to put a man on the moon. JFK had a compelling goal which pulled people forward and the goal eventually became a reality. Jonathan challenged attendees with the following questions:

  • What are your compelling goals?
  • What are you going to build?
  • How are you going to know when you’ve been successful?


Coach Bill Hart wrapped up the day on Business Vision by explaining how clarity and focus are necessary for a simple plan. He encouraged attendees to focus on things that truly matter.

  • Move from dreaming about what’s possible to let’s get stuff done.
  • Move from intention (what I want to do) to execution (what I actually do) .
  • Be reminded, stay intentional, and fight distraction.
  • Identify your disciplines and drive them into your business plan.
  • Add your disciplines into your business plan for the next 90 days.


Our founder and CEO, Daniel Harkavy, finished today’s session by saying, “Today we are asking you to begin to see the invisible. Tomorrow we will be talking about how to keep your Business Vision alive.”


Stay tuned!

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