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Results are in from The Building Champions Experience Challenge

We wrapped up The Building Champions Experience back in September with a challenge to all our attendees to extend their experience into their everyday lives. Each participant was encouraged to identify specific areas of growth in their own lives and challenged to build time into their week to pursue their goals.

Our coaches led small groups of attendees in what we called The BCE Challenge, a 90-Day Accountability Challenge, and encouraged their teams in monthly conference calls. Coach Michael Regan asked his team to take the following actions:

  • Make commitments that include statements like “I will do ____ at ____ time, on ____ day, at ____ place.”
  • Map out these commitments in a calendar to prioritize the intentions that will become actions.
  • Track the activities and scoreboard them weekly to identify the adjustments needed to succeed.
  • Share the commitments & the tracking results with an accountability partner!

An online portal was available to participants to log the time invested towards each goal. Each coach-led small group was given a collective score at the end of each posting time frame.

And, the results are in: The winner is Team Cormany!

Coach Gerrit Cormany said, “While the competition of the BCE Challenge introduced a fun element to the process, my take-away was how easy it is to adopt self-leadership practices into our busy lives. I benefited from being involved and I hope all who participated did as well. My team was terrific!”

We are thankful to all who participated in the BCE Challenge and our hope is that you continue the momentum gained towards your positive goals in 2017! Happy New Year!

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