This fall, human resources consultant Wendi Kroll joined our team of Executive Coaches!


When we talk about coaching team members, most people have a preconceived notion of what that means. 

For some, it might bring up a mental image or memory of a coach along the sidelines screaming loudly and turning a little red from all the excitement. Others might picture a parent silently cheering for them as they get a word right in a spelling bee. And some might not really have a personal experience from which to draw, so they picture a scene from their favorite sports movie. 

Regardless of their past experiences, most people struggle to make the leap to great coaching in the workplace because it’s not really like any of these things. While there are similarities, there are also significant differences that must be taken into account in order to have great coaching conversations.


Whether you’re new to the CEO seat or you’ve been there for a while, the complexity of managing the business strategy, dealing with critical operational issues, and providing a positive working environment can be daunting on any given day. 


Sometimes without meaning to, we categorize “team development” as a one-off task to be completed by a coach or facilitator of some sort. We see it as a point-in-time exercise rather than an ongoing practice that’s woven into everything we do. And as a result, we often fall far short of where we want our teams to be in their development. 


At some point, a great leader should be able to kick up their feet, declare that they’ve “made it” and rest on their laurels a bit, right? Not so fast.


Have you ever wondered what you could do to be a better leader? Ever questioned what steps you could take to improve your own performance and benefit your team? 


It’s lonely at the top of the ladder.

When you started out in your career, there were plenty of people higher up on the corporate ladder than you. These were people who were doing what you wanted to do, who could show you how to get where you wanted to go.

If you were lucky, one of these people agreed to invest their time in you and became your mentor.


If you ever spend time wondering what your team members need from you, you’re not alone. Most leaders have struggled with figuring out how to do a better job supporting their staff members. True leadership is hard, and those who take it seriously know it means working on self-improvement and motivating your team to do the same.


Have you ever looked up and wondered where you are professionally and how you got there? 


It takes doing the right things at the right times to be one of the most successful CEOs of all time. But even with talent and resources at their disposal, the good can fail to make it to great simply because they missed an opportunity or zigged when they should have zagged.


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