How to Create a Winning 1-Page Business Plan for the New Year

The start of a new year is a perfect time to refresh your business plan.

If you’re planning to do great things in 2018, today is the day to start putting your plan together. No excuses — let’s do this.

We’ve created a Simple One-Page Business Plan to help you focus on your most important desired outcomes, disciplines and projects in the coming year. Click here to download it and get started.

Define Your Desired Outcomes

First, let’s outline two to four clear outcomes for 2020.

These are not dreams or themes — these are specific, measurable and attainable outcomes for you and the team you lead.

Every outcome should include a number — revenue, units, people or partners. Choose what you will measure based on your definition of success.

Set Your Key Disciplines

Next, commit to 3-6 disciplines that you will build into your schedule every week, without excuses.

These are the non-negotiable disciplines that must happen for you to achieve the outcomes you are aiming for by year-end.

Don’t enter any fluff here. Your disciplines won’t lead you to the success you desire if you don’t have to stretch yourself daily to make them happen.

Identify Your Most Important Projects

Then, note the four most important projects that must be completed by April, and assign due dates between now and then.

Write them down, pick a due date, and then block out the time in your calendar required to complete your projects.

Find a Partner

Finally, take the entire one-page plan and save the document, print a copy to place on your desk and send a PDF copy to someone who will hold you accountable.

The single biggest gap between intention and execution is in these final steps. You’re bound to fail if you draft a plan and never look at it, much less let someone hold you accountable to it. Do not plan to fail.

Put Your Plan into Action

I hope these simple, specific steps have helped you get clear on your plan for the new year. Let’s make 2018 your best one yet!

Click here to download your guide to create a Simple One-Page Business Plan.


This is an updated version of an earlier post, originally published Jan. 9, 2015.


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